The Fire 7 Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the mission of which is to support the community and fire service family during times of need through financial, educational and emotional means.

We provide for these things by assisting with programs that support the ongoing health, safety, education and wellness of firefighters and the great community we serve.

Examples of past giving

  • Firefighters recognize a need and buy a coat for a citizen in need
  • Financial support for the Community CRP program
  • Holiday gift giving to community members in need
  • Financial assistance to the Adolescent Shoe Program

How you can help the foundation

We need and appreciate your help! Think of the Fire 7 Foundation when making your tax-deductible charitable donations. Plan your estate with the Fire 7 Foundation in mind. Make donations to the Fire 7 Foundation through payroll deductions. Establish a matching donation program to the Fire 7 Foundation through your employer. Contact us to explore additional options!

How you can help your community

Identify a community need and submit a proposal for charitable giving by filling out the form at the appropriate link in the right column.